My Outreachy internship project at Mozilla

As previously mentioned, I was selected as an Outreachy intern for Mozilla. I joined the Firefox Add-ons team and my internship project involves implementing new features to the AMO ( Homepage Curation Tool within Django Admin.

I was only proficient in JavaScript, React, and Redux when I applied to Outreachy, so I spent my first two weeks learning Python and Django while being onboarded onto the team.

During the course of my internship, I will add a feature that will provide the admin user with the ability to upload images to an add-on featured on the AMO homepage. This feature will no longer have the admin only limited to the pre-selected images in the gallery.

I will also add a section in Django Admin that will allow the admin user to build and reorder modules that will appear below the hero area on the AMO homepage. These modules are sets of pre-defined add-on extensions and themes, such as Recommended Extensions, Popular Themes, etc, based on query data. As the front-end is currently calling multiple API endpoints to build each module, the front-end will only need to call a single API endpoint with this update.

I am excited for this challenge, but I definitely have my work cut out for me – wish me luck! 🙂