Everybody struggles

EVERYBODY! And if you don’t believe it, just remember the cute illustration below that says it best –


And even experts struggle too!!

When you are struggling, it is advised to ask for help, but if I am being honest, my struggle is knowing when it’s time to ask for help, especially during my Outreachy internship at Mozilla.

Being self-taught, I am used to struggling on my own. My curiosity won’t let me drop it and I know I will eventually find a solution/understand what was unclear to me. I’m not used to having mentors as a source for help.

I think it’s best when asking for help, to not only state the problem, but also share where and/or why you think the problem occurred, as well as what you tried to fix it. It shows that while you may not know the answer, you made a hypothesis and investigated a solution. This will also help the person correct your understanding of the issue and/or guide you to a solution.

While I am still working on learning to ask for help, I’ve learned that people are willing to help those who ask for it. 🙂